Team Woolsack

Team Woolsack

As the website has grown in size over the years, checking pages for broken links or out of date information has become very difficult to do on top of everything else.  So I'm delighted to announce the formation in January 2015 of a new Team Woolsack

People have been very generous with their time in offering to adopt a page or part of a page to check every month or so.  They include people who have used Woolsack to find British wool products as well as a couple of members of the orginal Team Woolsack and some who made cushions for the 2012 Games.

This will make using the website to find British wool items a much more enjoyable and interesting process since there will be far fewer broken links at any one time.  So please, as you use it, share with me my great appreciation for the invaluable contribution of the volunteers on Team Woolsack.

Those who have said they are happy to be listed here on the public website are named below:

Sally Antill

Judith Edwards

Amelia Hodsdon

Charlie Miller

Hilary Williams

Martina Müller

Lesley Nottley

Nic Rudd

Debby Sutcliffe

Anthea Winterburn


For the Yarn Page, which is very long indeed, a team of people are checking it.  These are members of the KnitBritish Group on Ravelry which was started, and is run, by Leira.

Members of this team include: