Resources to print

Here is an A4 poster that you an print out and distribute,to publicise Woolsack. A pdf gives more reliable reproduction of size and is available here

Cushion labels

Please attach one label to each cushion and give as much information about yourself and your cushion as you wish.  You can write on the reverse of the label as well if desired.  We suggest printing these onto light card.

The image below is a .jpg  Right click on it and choose, "save image as".  Then you can print from the saved image.

There is an A4 size pdf that you can download and then print off labels from here

If your computer does not know what to do with the pdf file then you can get the Adobe Acrobat  program  from  the Adobe Website

cushion labels

The images below are .jpgs. Right click on any image you want to print out and then save it.  These posters are A4 size, but can be photocopied and enlarged as you wish.  Please contact us first if you wish to alter the text or images in any way.

A5 Flyer giving information about woolsack, links and contact details RESOURCES FOR STUFFING EVENTS

  • A sheet to gather contact details of people interested in Woolsack

  • supporting British Wool labels, available as a Word document (*.doc) or a pdf file  for Avery L1760 or equivalent sheets
  • making it personal labels, available as a Word document (*.doc) or a pdf file   for Avery L1760 or equivalent sheets