Finchley WI - the Finchley Finishers

In the final few weeks before the start of the Olympic and Paralympic Games we decided it made sense for the remaining cushions to be finished at a 'stuffing station' in the London area so they could more easily be transported to athletes and teams who requested them.  The Finchley WI, very ably led by Elizabeth Alcock, took on the task and were quickly nicknamed the FINCHLEY FINISHERS.  They did an amazing job and ensured that every cushion was stuffed, finished, labelled and delivered in good time.

Andrea Clare Finchley WI Knitter

Family members were encouraged to help.  Here Ben Alcock & Dave Delaney learning new skills.

The cushions were well packed for safe transport to their teams & athletes.

Elizabeth's home became part of the whole excitement & celebration of the 2012 Games

Celebrating the wonderful achievement of the Finchley Finishers.

Here are some of the cushions the Finchley Finishers stuffed, photographed after having had the labels sewn on but before being stuffed.