We have just over half of the 40 cushions we need either finished, started or pledged. This is a fantastic achievement, especially at the time of year when many knitters are busy making Christmas presents.
BUT “ this still leaves nearly 20 cushions to go.

  •    Can you or your group help at all?
  •    If you can't make a whole cushion could you make a front or back?
  •    Can your knitting or WI group get together to make a 9 or 16 patch cushion – even if you can't crochet the patches together yourself, if you can get them to us then we can make cushions from them.

If the red, blue and white yarn is the only thing holding you back, then please get in touch and we'll get some yarn to you. There is some suitable donated yarn and spinners have been busy dyeing and spinning yarn for knitters.
Felters “ this is your chance to show how quickly felting can make a cushion. Let me know if you need fibre.
Time is running out and the race is on, but we need more racers. “ would you like to be part of this special event?
For more information please email me -
Anyone who has made a cushion or part of a cushion and won't be able to bring it to stand B193 at the Knitting and Stitching Show, Harrogate, 24-27 November,
can you please post it to:
Jane Cooper, 66 Fern Avenue, Jesmond, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE2 2QY (to arrive by 22 Nov at latest)
We also still have some free passes for helpers at Harrogate – contact Jane asap to book one for yourself. Have half a day of stuffing, chatting, knitting and fun (yes, there will be chocolate to keep us all fuelled!) on the Woolsack stand and the rest of the day to enjoy the show.

This is a key time for letting people know about Woolsack and we have 2 posters to enable everyone to spread the word in their community or area.
One can be downloaded from the website and can be put up anywhere - email me if you'd prefer it sending as an email attachment. Can you think of a knitting shop that doesn't yet have a poster on display?
The other is the very special poster with the London 2012 Inspire Logo on it. This can go up in Libraries, village & community halls, community noticeboards and any public buildings. Email me and I'll send you the poster with guidelines about where it can go up.
This isn't just about Woolsack - this is an opportunity to spread the word about British wool, knitting and other wool crafts. Places that wouldn't consider putting up a poster about knitting will happily display a poster with the Inspire Logo on it that is offering people the chance to get involved with the 2012 Games in a personal way through Woolsack.
Let's all use this opportunity to spread the word and raise awareness about British wool, knitting and wool crafts.