Newsletter 4

Woolsack Newsletter 4.  Quick update 16 November

This is being sent out using a different mailing system since some people are still not getting the newsletter through.  We will find a solution to this before the end of the Olympics!

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We are nearly there,  just over 30 finished, started or promised but BOA asked us for 40 and it is only a week until Knitting and Stitching Show starts.

In the normal 'come up with a creative solution to a problem' Woolsack way, we've come up with something really fun for you.  A pattern to enable a group of 9 of you to knit a spendid cushion front in less than an hour!  Give it a second hour and you can knit a plain back as well, sew it all together and then start the celebrations.

The pattern works for aran weight yarn or 2 strands of light DK knitted together, and can include patterned, plain, colour work, reverse stocking stitch - something for every level of knitting expertise in fact.

If you don't have suitable yarn, then I do now have some sitting in my lounge.  If you get in touch with me before tomorrow lunchtime I can have the amount you need in the post to
you to arrive in time for Saturday knitting groups.

BOA have contacted us about a change to the distribution plans for the Winter cushions -“ no details but I think it's related to the Innsbruck end of things.  
So we have decided with BOA to turn the change into an advantage.  The young UK athletes will now be getting their cushions as soon as possible after we get them to BOA.  They  will then have their cushion, carrying with it the support and encouragement of everyone involved in whatever way with this special project, to spur them on in their final stages of training and preparation.

Hopefully it also means we'll get to see some photos earlier than we would have done.

There will be special labels for you to send your personal message of encouragement -“ these will be available at Harrogate.  For those posting cushions to me, please contact me to arrange getting a label to you.
We've also been asked if we could put together some images of the cushions being made and especially of the makers.  Something like the new page on the website.

Please can you get someone to take photographs of you or your group and send them to me.  And dress up for Harrogate.  I'll be taking lots of photos there!

KNITTING AND STITCHING SHOW, Harrogate, 24 to 27 November.

You're probably gathering by now that this is going to be the most fun, hectic, fun, chocoholic, pose for the cameras, fun, stuffing event ever.  So don't miss out.

There are still some places left for volunteers to come for half a day on a free entry.  
For anyone who is attending the show – do please come along to the stand B193 to cheer us on, knit a row, sew a side, have your photo taken, eat chocolate, join in the fun.


If you didn't get Newsletter 3 please read the copy on the website to see about the London 2012 logo posters – we need these to be displayed in every libarary, village and community hall, communty noticeboard in the country.  This is something really essential that you can do to help and make a real difference.  Full details in newsletter 3.