For all Olympic and Paralympic Sailors at Skandia Sail for Gold 2012

This week you can collect your gifts of Woolsack cushions (pillows)

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You can collect the cushions (pillows) for each country in red labelled bags from the Media Centre.  Larger squads may have two bags to collect.

The Woolsack cushions have been hand made by volunteers of all ages throughout the UK as personal welcome gifts for you.  They are made entirely from British wool so you can take a little bit of Britain home with you.  Many have a personal message from the maker to encourage and support you on your preparation and competition in the 2012 Games.

The Woolsack website is being archived by the UK National Archives.  If you would like to become part of this please send photographs of yourselves with your chosen cushions to jane@woolsack.org and we will add them to this website.