British Wool Yarn

British Wool Yarn


See bottom of page for stockists of specialist British wool WEAVING yarn

If you know of a stockist or source of British wool yarn that is not listed please contact me through the website contact, Facebook Group, Twitter or Ravelry Group so they can be added to the list.


In addition to the linked above, please note - Some of these stockists also stock yarn in addition to their British breeds yarn/British blended wool that may not be British wool.  You may need to check with them if you're unsure if a particular product was 'grown' on British animals.  Falklands wool is being regarded as British for Woolsack since it is from a British Overseas Territory.

Some of the stockists listed also have yarns that are blends of British wool with fibres including silk & flax.  The rule of thumb I'm using is to list any stockist with a special interest in British wool or that has more than a couple of different yarns that are 100% British wool, but some will have yarns that are British wool blended with a non-wool fibre. 

For yarns from smaller producers please be aware that the quality of yarn can vary considerably from year to year, and flock to flock, dependent on such factors as weather conditions affecting fleece growth.

This list should be regarded as a source of information only and not recommendations by anyone involved with Woolsack.  See further information on this page.

NOTE - Stockists are listed by the first word of the name they use on their website/shop, which in the case of those beginning 'The' may not always be the one people generally refer to.  So it's worth checking  in the 'The' part of the alphabetical list if you can't find a stockist elsewhere in the list.


NOTE - Stockists are listed by the first word of the name they use on their website/shop, which in the case of those beginning 'The' may not always be the one people generally refer to.  So it's worth checking  in the 'The' part of the alphabetical list if you can't find a stockist elsewhere in the list.

I've excluded from this list stockists selling just a few British wools among many other yarns & where it is not possible to give a url link just to the British wool yarns.

Some urls that have a string of numbers and/or letters that could cause security issues with the website.  Woolsack isn't linking to these urls now to avoid the risk of a false positive being picked up by our server provider, which could bring the whole website down (again).  Where appropriate the listing is remaining with the link removed but with advice on search terms to find their website. (September 2019)

Please let me know of any website changes or broken links

A Yarn Shop in Kirkwall, Orkney. Yarns include Shetland wool from Jamiesons & yarns spun from the wool of local sheep in Orkney, including North Ronaldsay & Boreray, some hand dyed.

A Yarn from North Ronaldsay  North Ronaldsay yarn spun in the mill on the island.  Online ordering or available in several Orkney shops.

Abstract Cat  Hand dyed Bluefaced Leicester

Addicted2Knit  Brigantia dyed aran English wool spun in Yorkshire. Click on 'Brigantia yarns' in the Yarns menu

Alterknit Universe  Mostly West Yorkshire Spinners.  Use the search function for "British Wool"

Amgueddfa Cymru Shop Traditional mule spun British wool yarn from historic 19th century machinery in the National Wool Museum, Wales. This wool has a rustic feel, perfect for knitting chunky jumpers & blankets.  Use the search function for "Heritage Wool".

Ardalanish, Isle of Mull Weavers  100% British wool, pure breed & blended in range of natural colours, aran & DK weight.  Includes coned wool.

Armscote Manor Portland Wool   100% pure wool from rare-breed Portland Sheep.

Baa Baa Brighouse  A range of beautiful Yorkshire yarns from across the county.

Baa Ram Ewe  Shop in Leeds and online ordering - specialises in British wool and British sheep breeds including Titus, Winterburn, Dovestone & Pip.

Big Sky Textiles  Handspun yarns including breeds such as Wensleydale & Cotswold

Black Bat  British Rare Breed Wool. Romney, Shetland, Alpaca/wool blend. Manx Loaghtan/Alpaca, Texel Aran and British Rouge/Charollais Blend  Chunky, DK, 4-ply, lace.

Blacker Yarns  To my knowledge the widest selection of mill spun yarn from dufferebt British sheep breeds in the UK.  Pure breed yarn and blends of wool from different breeds.  4-ply, DK, light aran, aran, chunky, Guernsey.

Bramblecot Yarn  See facebook group for latest news.  Shetland knitting yarn in DK, 4ply, laceweight, chunky, aran weight in natural undyed colours.  Wool gardening twine.

British Breeds Yarn - Marie Wallin British Breeds is made from four different British sheep breeds. 4 ply yarn in 12 different colours for Fair Isle knitting. Worsted spun by John Arbon.

City Knits Several different British wool yarns from West Yorkshire Spinners.  Shop in Birmingham & online.

Countess Ablaze Bluefaced Leicester & BFL/Masham hand dyed yarn in various weights. This page lists the bases so you can identify the British wool yarn bases.

Crookabeck Herdwicks  Herdwick & Herdwick/Mohair wool in natural colours & hand dyed.  Also Boucle wool - Herdwick & Swaledale.

Di Gilpin Lalland 100% Scottish Lambswool & Saorse, Specialist Scottish Wool/Cashmere Yarn, the finest organic Shetland, Blue Face Leicester, Cheviot and Texel produced entirely on Claddach Farm, by Kay and Alan Carr, Peat Inn, FIfe blended with 20% cashmere from Mongolia, spun by Uist Wool.

Doulton Flock  Border Leicester yarn from the Doulton Flock in DK and 4ply in Natural Cream, and dyed.

Eden Cottage Yarns Bluefaced Leicester. Hand dyed DK & 4-ply. 

Emily Foulds  Range of different yarns from West Yorkshire Spinners.

Erika Knight  Collection of dyed British wool yarns in different weights and textures

Ewe & Ply  Shop in Market Hall, Shrewsbury & online ordering.  Stocking mainly British wool yarns including their own Shropshire Ply, Cambrian Wool, Jamieson & Smith, West Yorkshire Spinners, Baa Ram Ewe.

Exmoor Horn Wool  Our double knitting wool is grown on Exmoor by Exmoor Horn sheep, worsted spun. 4 ply woollen spun is 70:30 blend of Exmoor Horn & Exmoor blueface (aka Exmoor mule) which is a cross-bred sheep derived from a Leicester blueface ram on an Exmoor Horn ewe. Natural white & dyed colours.

Fairfax Ryeland   British Ryeland and Coloured Ryeland yarn from flock in South Shropshire. Contact details on website home page (see also fb group)

Farmer Dixon  Shropshire, Kerry Hill & Balwen yarn from the flocks on the farm, spun by Natural Fibre Company.  Various weights. Balls, cones & hanks. Natural undyed colours. Sales here

Farnell Farm  Portland.  4-ply & DK.  Undyed.

Fernhill Farm  Shetland-cross yarns, natural undyed and space dyed, in different weights from 4-ply to 'Lopi'. 

Flexigraze  Conservation grazing flocks in north east of England producing balls of mixed rare breed yarn from  Hebrideans, Shetlands and Loughtans.

Foula Wool  Located in the wild crofting landscape of the remote island of Foula, west of the Shetland Islands, Foula Wool is proud to bring you their very own range of naturally coloured knitting yarns exclusively spun from 100% Foula Shetland Sheep Wool.

Fowberry Alpacas  Alpaca yarn in natural undyed colours & various weights from Fowberry herd of alpacas

Frangipani P 100% British Worsted 5-ply Guernsey Wool in 28 shades.  Wool available on cones.

Freyalyn's Fibres Hand dyed yarns from a number of British breeds & crosses including British Merino, BFL, Whitefaced Woodland.

From Fleece to Fabric  P  Bluefaced Leicester Aran in 3 natural colours.

Frome Yarn Collective Cambrian Wool, West Yorkshire Spinners, Baa Ram Ewe found under Yarn tab.  Shop in Frome, Somerset

Garthenor Organic Pure Wool  Numerous breeds and full range of weights.

Gentle Rainbow Organic Wool  Naturally dyed DK yarn from the owner's flock of organic Lleyn sheep.  Online ordering & Farmers' Markets in Herefordshire.

Ginger Twist Studio Bluefaced Leicester, Falkland Merino & Masham hand dyed yarns, various weights. West Yorkshire Spinners yarns. Uradale Organic yarns. Online ordering & shop in Edinburgh.

Great British Yarns  Several British wool yarns but the 'British Wool' search doesn't show most of them. Click 'Knitting Yarn' then look for Baa Ram Ewe,  Jamieson & Smith, Jamiesons, Union Undyed Yarn & West Yorkshire Spinners.

Griffiths Mill  Several breeds - too many to list - in various weights. Contact them to see what is available.

Heathylee Guanaco  100% British Guanaco Yarn from Heathylee's herd of Guanaco farmed in the Peak District. Pure knitting luxury Extra Fine 2-Ply

Heirloom Knitting   Lace & Cobweb Shetland wool from Jamieson & Smith

Highbury Farm  Poll Dorset/Mule. 

Highfield Textiles  Shetland, Wensleydale, Kerry Hill.  4-ply, DK, aran.  Natural colours.

Hollinlee Yarn  Undyed Shetland wool in natural colours

In the Woolshed  We use only natural fibres In The Wool Shed - British wool selected from pure breeds including our own flock of Lleyn Sheep.  Naturally dyed.  DK

Iona Wool  Iona Wool is a high quality yarn spun exclusively from fleeces gathered on the beautiful Isle of Iona, each carefully selected from the variety of breeds found on the crofts and farms throughout the island.  DK & Aran.  Natural undyed & dyed.

Isle of Auskerry  North Ronaldsay, aran weight equivalent.

Isle Yarns  DK yarn, natural & dyed, from  Poll Dorset sheep farmed at Morton in Dorset.  Click on 'The Yarn' tab.

Jamieson & Smith  Shetland Yarn, dyed and natural Shetland colours.  Chunky, Aran & 'jumper weight' (4-ply), lace & cobweb. Heritage Yarn spun worsted.  Shop, Lerwick & online ordering.  Some yarns available on cones.

Jamiesons of Shetland  Spun on Shetland, dyed Shetland yarn in  4-ply, DK, aran & chunky. Lace yarns, Shetland/lambswool blend. Shop, Sandness, Shetland & online ordering.

John Arbon Textiles  Exmoor Blueface, Zwartbles, Falklands Merino & more. Our Devonia is a beautiful blend of 3 local breeds - Exmoor Blueface, Devon Bluefaced Leicester and Devon Wensleydale.  Many weights

Kate Davies Designs  Designed and developed by Kate Davies, Buachaille is a 100% wool yarn with bags of Scottish character. The finest Scottish fleeces have been expertly selected, graded to create a unique and distinctive yarn.  2-ply, worsted spun yarn.

Kathy's Knits  Shop in Edinburgh specialising in British wool: The yarns we stock here at Kathy’s Knits are some of the finest from across the British Isles, a few of which are exclusive to our shop in the Edinburgh area. While much is centred around Scottish breeds, our stock includes yarns from the Shetlands to Guernsey from hand-picked producers." 64a Broughton Street, Edinburgh  EH1 3SA  Contact the shop for mail order.

Knit With Attitude  Knit with attitude is a small independent yarn shop based in London, UK, specialising in ethical and eco-friendly yarn. British wool yarn ranges include Garthenor, John Arbon & Susan Crawford.

Lammermuir Wool Shetland wool in 2 ply, single ply, DK in natural undyed & dyed colours including variegated.

Lancashire Farm Wool  Blended wool from Lancashire sheep. DK & Aran.  Undyed & dyed. Selling through shows in Lancashire area. Contact for mail order.

Laura's Loom  100% British wool yarns spun from Bluefaced Leicester and blends of Hebridean / Black Welsh Mountain / Shetland, spun for weaving but suitable for knitting. Lace weight to fine DK.

Lifelong Yarns  Our blends complement the characteristics of the Scottish blackface fleece, injecting even more bounce and softness.  Carefully selected fleeces from a flock bred for fine fleece quality. Pure Scottish Blackface & blended yarns, Light DK & aran. Natural undyed & dyed

Lily Warne Wool  Our wonderful Grey Faced Dartmoor wool is a rare breed & indigenous to Dartmoor itself. Also we use wool from our Blue faced Leicester to soften the Grey Faced Dartmoor as its a very strong wool.

Little Houndales Knits  Suffolk X and Suffolk X blends in aran & DK. Also Erika Knight, Frangipani. West Yorkshire Spinners and Jamieson & Smith

Loddington Longwools  Leicester Longwool yarn from Hall Farm flock in Leicestershire

Loop Blacker Yarns, Orkney Angora, Erika Knight, Jamiesons, Juno, Old Maiden Aunt, Shilasdair.  Online ordering & shop in London (link goes to their special British wool tab, so easy to check for new products)

Manx Loaghtan  Manx Loaghtan yarn from the Ballacosnahan Hillcrest Flock in Isle of Man.  DK & Aran. Natural colour.

Maple Tree Yarns  Woolly Chic Welsh Wool, Woolyknit British yarns, Eden Cottage Yarns  & West Yorkshire Spinners.

McA direct  Click tab on left for 'British Wool'.  British wool yarns include Rowan British Breeds, Jamieson & Smith, Erika Knight Wool Local and Ramsdale (Masham from Yorkshire Dales)

Middle Campscott Farm  Friesland, Dorset, Llanwenog, Shetland, Zwartables.  4-ply, DK, aran.  Contact details for mail order.

Millfields Rare Breeds  Hebridean.  Undyed. Some handspun.

Mudchute Farm Rare breed wool, Reared and Sheared on the Isle of Dogs, spun & dyed by Natural Fibre Company. DK, Aran. Online ordering or collect from farm.

Naked Wool The Shetland Sheep Company  Shetland, undyed, DK, Chunky.

Native Yarns  Artisan dyer in Suffolk. Bluefaced Leicester & British Alpaca yarn bases in various weights

Natural Yarn Shetland, Manx Loaghtan, Hebridean, Jacob, Norfolk Horn, White Faced Woodland.  DK, 4ply and 3ply

Nellie And Eve  Hand spun yarn from local Welsh sheep

New Forest Mohair Hand-dyed laceweight, 4 ply and DK yarns.

New Lanark Mill  All the New Lanark wool now carries the BWMB mark showing the yarn contains between 50% and 100% British wool. Various weights.  Also Falkland Islands organic wool. Aran weight.

Old Maiden Aunt Yarns  The British wool base yarns are  Corriedale & Shetland. Hand dyed.

Original Cumbrian Wool  DK yarn spun from natural undyed wool of Lakeland sheep in several natural shades.  Click on 'Products' then scroll down to find Double Knitting Yarn.

Ovis Yarns  Our wools are made from 100% British fleece, spun in Yorkshire and hand dyed on Merseyside. 50% Bluefaced Leicester 50% Brown Masham DK, BFL DK, British Merino Chunky

Paint Box  Chunky Pure New British Wool Yarn - 100g balls

Prim Peacock  Hand dyed North Ronaldsay 2-ply yarn. Around a Sport, or heavy fingering/4ply weight yarn. Spun on North Ronaldsay from the wool of the famous seaweed eating sheep!  Available from several shops in Orkney

Purl Alpaca Designs  Yarns in natural colours from British alpacas local to the company

Purl&Jane Shop in Skipton & online ordering. British wool includes Purl&Jane Yorkshire Yarn, West Yorkshire Spinners and Jamiesons

Purlescence  Many brands, including hand dyed. Triskelion, The Knitting Goddess & Jamieson & Smith British Shetland wool.

Ripplescrafts  Bluefaced Leicester, Falklands Merino, hand dyed.  4-ply, DK.

Romney Marsh Wools Romney & British Merino, undyed, 4-ply, DK, Aran, Chunky. Choose 'craft' tag in 'shop'.

Rosewood Farms  Kerry Hill and Kerry Hill blended with Zwartbles.  Chunky, aran, DK, undyed. Choose 'online shop' tab and then 'wool' tab.

Rowan Yarns  Moordale is a British wool and British Alpaca blend in several dyed colours  Available from shops and online.

Sheepfold  Numerous breeds & blended British wool, all weights, dyed & undyed.

Shepherd's Delight Jacob wool and cross-breed wool from Wallon Farm. DK, aran & chunky. Natural colours.

Shetland Handspun  Shetland Handspun has brought wonderful, traditional handspun yarns back using the old established skills handed down through generations.  Yarns are produced from the beautiful natural greys and browns of the Shetland sheep. Natural dyes are used on these colours to produce a range of dyed yarns.

Skein Queen  200g skeins, hand-dyed. British wool yarn bases include Voluptuous, Sonsie, Blimey and Smashing.

Skeins Studio in the market town of Glossop & they also attend knitting shows across the country. Good range of different British wools, dyed & undyed.

Snàth handspun yarns  My  handspun wool and luxury fibre yarns are made mainly from wool fleeces produced on Islay’s farms.  Fleeces are collected from farmers and crofters, then sorted, washed, combed or carded and finally spun by me on vintage spinning wheels in my farm cottage.

South Downs Yarn  Sustainably sourced, geo-traceable yarn from Southdown smallholders and farmers from the South Downs locality. Our yarn is woollen spun in England and is available in its natural colour 'Chalk Path' or in a palette of naturally dyed, small batch, limited editions reflecting the South Downs landscape from downland to coast.

Susan Crawford Vintage  Most of the wool yarns here are 100% British wool. Excelana 4-ply, DK, Limited Edition, Fenella 2 ply \7 Ghyll Lonk yarn. Grown, spun, dyed and finished in UK

Swaledale Woollens  Swaledale wool, dyed and natural undyed.  DK in balls and 500g cones using wool from the sheep in Swaledale.  On line ordering or visit the shop in Muker in Swaledale.

Sylvan Tiger Yarn  Sylvan Tiger is an independent hand dyer based in Yorkshire, England, creating luxury yarn and fibre using natural dyes on British wool bases.

Tamarisk Farm  Organic wool yarn in natural colours from the farm's flocks of Dorset Down, Hebridean, Jacob and Shetland sheep

Tangled Yarn - Variety of yarns in all weights, many from small British companies & indie dyers. Erika Knight, Baa Ram Ewe & Lore Romney lambswool.

Ted Blogs  Armscote Manor Portland Wool  100% pure wool from rare-breed Portland Sheep. Un-dyed, unbleached, DK (scroll to bottom of page to find the yarn)

Teesdale Fibres  Teeswater yarn.

Teeswater Wools  Teeswater.  Dyed & undyed.  All weights, including some for maching knitting.

The Honorwood Flocks Icelandic, Shetland, Soay, Jacob, Mohair, incl lambswool. 4-ply, DK, Aran, Chunky.

The Knitting Gift Shop  Shetland, Jacob, Bluefaced Leicester, Lace, DK, Aran, Chunky, natural undyed colours.

The Knitting Goddess Hand dyed luxury yarns on different wool/silk bases including several British breeds & British blends.

The Little Grey Sheep at Well Manor Farm.  Gotland, Stein, Cotswold, various weights, undyed and dyed colours. Article

The Little Wool Company  Andaw Alpaca from Devon alpacas, Shetland yarn, Falklands Merino, West Yorkshire Spinners, Twool

The Lost Sheep Company  Online sales and shop in Colwyn Bay that sells handspun yarn from rare breed Welsh sheep.

The Risby Flock of Pedigree Lincoln Longwools  Undyed Lincoln Longwool yarn.  DK & Aran

The Skye Shilasdair Shop   Coara is 70 percent Blue faced Leicester and 30 percent Shetland. Wensleydale & Bluefaced Leicester yarns.  Natural colours & naturally dyed. 4-ply, DK, aran. Purchase at shop or through website.

The Wool Boat  Wooly Knits British wool yarns, West Yorkshire Spinners & Natural undyed Lancashire Aran - The yarn is from 100% wool sourced from sheep from North Country Cheviot and Blue faced Leicester sheep that are used as conservation graziers on the Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty in the in the Arnside and Silverdale area of the county.  Choose 'British Yarns' tab.

The Wool Croft  Wool shop in Abergavenny. Ystrad Welsh wools including a worsted pure Wensleydale DK wool, and "Best Welsh DK", a Hill Radnor and Wensleydale cross pure wool.

Triskelion Yarn & Fibre  Hand dyed yarn incl alpaca & local Wensleydale, Lleyn, Gotland & Blue Faced Leicester. Various weights.

Uradale Yarns Organic Shetland yarns from Uradale Farm, Shetland.  Colour range organic yarns in 50g balls: double knit, aran and chunky.  Natural undyed organic range available in jumper weight.

Virtual Yarns  Special blend of premium British wool dyed to wide range of heathery shades.

West Yorkshire Spinners  Bluefaced Leicester, British wool breeds, Jacob, Wensleydale.

Whistlebare  Yarn blended from Wensleydale sheep & Angora goats on Whistlebare Farm. Hand dyed. 4-ply, DK & Aran

Wild and Woolly  Wool shop in Hackney.  Stock includes several ranges British wool.  Put 'British wool' into the search box.

Woo Sheeps  Bluefaced Leicester & others, various weights.  Hand dyed in Scotland.

Wool Clip  Herdwick undyed & dyed. Other British breeds. Shop only, Caldbeck, Cumbria.

Woolcraft with Wensleydale Yarn from the Wensleydale sheep at Causeway Farm Barn.  Mail order through website or shop at Causeway Farm Barn, Bodle Street Green BN27 4UA  Laceweight to DK+. Worsted spun Fine/Lace weight, DK, and DK+ yarn in natural shades of Silver Grey, Steel Grey, Bitter Chocolate, and Cream

Woolly Chic Designs  Dorset/Ryeland from Pembrokeshire sheep.  4-ply & DK, natural & dyed. Other breeds from Blacker Yarns.

Woolyknit Crafts  Bluefaced Leicester, Jacob, British breeds English blend and more - natural colours and dyed.  Various weights. 

World of Wool  Several breeds and weights.  Some with British wool mark.  You need to click on the yarn weight you want then you'll see a list at the side showing the breeds available.

Yarn Garden  Based in Northumberland, Yarn Garden carefully nurture and thoughtfully hand dye then unhurriedly naturally dry to to ensure that the natural softness of the wool is maintained. British wools include Blue Faced Leicester, Corriedale and rare breed Teeswater.

Yarn O'Clock  Shop in Mold, North Wales but will also do mail order.  Yarns include West Yorkshire Spinners, John Arbon, Jamiesons & Smith and Cambrian Mountain Wool, along with Fyberspates and Chester Wool Company, also some local alpaca yarn.

Yarns From The Plain  Hand dyed British wool yarns, mostly 4-ply & sock yarns

Yew Tree Alpacas  Alpaca yarn in natural colours from the Yew Tree Herd.  4-ply, DK & Aran


Laura's Loom  100% British wool yarns, various counts, singles and 2-fold, S & Z twist, dyed and undyed, including Bluefaced Leicester (source: 20 mile radius of Sedbergh) and Hebridean (source: Sedbergh & Windermere). Spun in East and West Yorkshire. Dyed in Scotland.

Weaversbazaar  7/2 NM yarn. 100% British Bluefaced Leicester fleece, worsted spun in UK.

Woolyknit 2/9.3NM  on cones.