Home Furnishings and Furniture in British Wool

This section includes home furnishings, carpets & rugs, blankets & throws, beds and bedding, and home accessories. In the last section, Miscellaneous, are products made from wool that may be new to you.  Have a look!

Please note that some of the linked websites have items made from non-British wool as well as those made from British wool - please check with the vendor.  Every effort has been made to ensure that, at the time of listing, the vendors below are producing at least some of their items using British wool.  Many are working entirely with British wool.

This list should be regarded as a source of information only and not recommendations by anyone involved with Woolsack.


Abaca Organic Organic Welsh wool mattresses and toppers.

Baavet .British wool duvets, pillows, mattress toppers

 Dojo Ecoshop Mattresses and pillows hand made with British organic wool

Jamieson and Smith Real Shetland wool duvet. Real Shetland Wool encased in a soft cotton case. Naturally breathable, fire retardant and multiclimatic. All season weight.

Naturalmat. Organic Mattresses made by hand in Devon.  "Our 'wool project' means that our organic lambswool comes exclusively from Soil Association farms locally in the Westcountry."

Penrose Products. Alpaca duvets, mattress toppers, pillows, bedding sets entirely sourced within UK.

Southdown Duvets - British Wool duvets (wool from Southdown breed of sheep)

The Real Shetland Company - 100% Shetland wool filling

The Wool Room  Wool beds & bedding

Vi-Spring  - British wool and Shetland wool beds.  British wool mattress toppers

Wool Duvet Store - British wool or alpaca filled duvets, pillows and toppers

Blankets & Throws

Ardalanish Isle of Mull Weavers  Woven blankets, throws, cushions & tweed horses using Hebridean, Manx and Shetland wool purchased direct from the farms.

Armscote Manor  Knitted throws made from our own rare breed Portland Sheep wool.

Cotswold Woollen Weavers  Variety of throws including undyed throws from Jacob, Welsh Black & Shetland Moorit sheep

Fair Close Ryelands  Woven throws in 3 sizes in 100 per cent pure undyed Ryeland wool.

Fairfax Ryeland Wool  Woven throws & rugs using the farm's own undyed white and coloured Ryeland wool.

FelinFach - Welsh blankets & throws including some using undyed rare-breed wool.

Fowlescombe Fabrics  Throws and rugs woven using wool from organic Fowlescombe flock of Manx Loaghtan and Hebridean rare breed sheep

Hebridean Woolhouse   At The Hebridean Woolhouse we get the undyed fleece of the Hebridean sheep spun into yarn and then  woven into a range ofpicnic rugs and throws.  Also available is a small range of tweeds, again made from undyed Hebridean fleece, but with coloured Shetland wool incorporated within it to make the subtle checks.

Isle of Auskerry - Woven throws from hand-clipped fleece from the North Ronaldsay sheep on the island

Jane Beck Welsh Blankets - Variety of blankets and throws made from Welsh and other British wool

Just Wool Textiles  Blankets & other home & fashion accessories.  All handwoven entirely from British wool. Bespoke commissions as well.

KnitUK - British wool blend blanket from West Yorkshire Spinners

Laura's Loom - Wide range throws in dyed & undyed British wool including named breeds. 

Middle Campscott Farm - Some of the wool from our flock of Friesland/Dorsets  has been woven into luxurious blankets.  These are light and soft, suitable for babies as the sheep were never dipped, and the wool has had no harsh treatments applied to it.  We have 3 finished blanket sizes.

Original Cumbrian Wool -  Throws, travel rugs, scatter rugs, cushion covers made from natural undyed Lakeland wool

Romney Marsh Wools  Throws woven in Romney wool & lambswool from the farm's flock.  Also cushions & table runners

Shepherd's Delight - The yarn used to make my beautiful throws is naturally coloured, and produced without the use of harmful chemical dyes. It comes from my own flock of sheep that graze the pastures at Wallon Farm near Drewsteignton in Devon. Raised with kindness to the highest welfare standards, the flock yield fleeces that are indeed a shepherd’s delight.

Skye Weavers - Natural Checked Throw woven on bicycle pedal-powered loom on Isle of Skye

The Border Mill  We mainly offer a bespoke service, making yarn and textiles to order, but we’ve also got a gallery of handwoven scarves, wraps, throws, cushions and blankets ready to buy.

The Future Kept  Wool Cob Weave Throws.  Traditional Welsh cob weave pattern,  produced using artisanal techniques established over the 38 year rich textile history of the manufacturer, and made from the finest sustainably sourced British wool.

The Honorwood Flocks - Beautifully Hand-crafted Woven throws - all Locally Produced. Icelandic wool and Mohair with wool.

The Real Shetland Company - Our Real Shetland blankets are made out of 100% undyed Real Shetland wool with wool sourced only from the Shetland Islands.

Wallace Sewell  Throws & interior accessories include Shetland wool ranges.

Woolyknit  Selection of knitted throws with cable patterns in different natural colours of 100% British wool

Carpets & Rugs

For information about caring for wool carpets and rugs see The WoolSafe Organisation and WoolSafe Academy

Brintons Wide range of wool carpets. "The wool from 1 in 8 British sheep ends up in a Brintons carpet!"

Brockway  "Our Lakeland Herdwick and Shetland ranges, for example, play a part in helping sustain traditional farming communities"

Cormar British Wool Carpets  Several ranges of plain & textured British wool carpets

Crafts Mid Wales  Beautiful hand-woven rugs, made from local Welsh sheep fleece in natural colours. These rugs are about 1” thick, woven on a linen or cotton warp.

Crookabeck Herdwicks  Rugs & throws woven in Sedburgh, Cumbria using fleece from the farm's Herdwicks.

Jamieson & Smith - Natural Undyed Shetland Wool rugs, Shetland Wool travel rugs, Three Ram logo rugs, Shetland sheepskins, Shetland Wool carpeting

Jacqueline James Handwoven Rugs "As a practicing textile artist for over 25 years, I specialize in making individually designed hand-woven rugs and wall panels for commission and exhibition. Constructed as durable floor rugs and suitable for public and private interiors, their decorative quality makes them equally appropriate as wall panels." British carpet wool.

Oxford Carpet Shop  "We pride ouselves in stocking the very best in British carpets that will last for years."

Solva Woollen Mill - Our Pure Wool range of rugs and runners are created using 100% pure British Wool dyed to our own colour specification. Also stair runners

The Real Shetland Company - 100% Shetland wool carpets in 5 natural shades, rugs in platinum grade British wool

Wools of Cumbria Carpets Limited  "We make beautiful wool carpets from the rare and distinctive sheep found on the Cumbrian fells."


Armscote Manor  Knitted cushions can be provided in Portland, Portland with a dash of Black Welsh Mountain and Portland with a splash of Black Welsh Mountain.  All have English slate buttons.

Fairfax Ryeland Wool  Our woven cushion covers are available in three designs complementing our range of throws and rugs. Made with 100% undyed Ryeland and Coloured Ryeland wool

Jamieson & Smith - Limited Edition Handwoven cushion by Aamos Designs. The cushions are beautifully crafted using Jamieson & Smith 2 ply Jumper Weight in one direction of the weave.

Jane Beck Welsh Blankets  Hand crocheted/knitted cushions using Black Welsh Mountain wool and undyed Welsh Mountain wool

Laura's Loom - British wool woven cushions stuffed with British wool "I also work with small spinning and weaving mills in the north of England and Scottish Borders to produce a range of fine yarns and woollen products from a variety of British wools which I source directly from farmers in Yorkshire, Cumbria and Scotland."

Lost Values  Cushions are crafted in the UK, knitted and felted using 100% locally sourced Scottish wool. Your own image can be added to the cushion

Melanie Porter home accessories include cushions, throws and more, some in 100% British wool

Monkstone Knitwear - Hand knit home accessories. "The yarns that the Monkstone Flock offer are Welsh Black Mountain, Coloured Dorsets and Natural Dorsets. Each season we design based on the yarns we have from the sheep."

The Real Shetland Company - These cushions are made using our undyed Real Shetland wool with 100% Shetland wool content in both the cover material and the filling.

Weft Blown  Hand woven cushions inspired by seasons & sky on west coast of Scotland

Woolyknit - Knitted cushion covers with cable patterns.  Knitted in UK using natural shades of undyed British wool

Cushion Inserts and Pads

Dojo Ecoshop - 3 Bags Full cushion inners. Simply unbleached, organic cotton and organic British wool. Square, round and oblong. Manchester shop, or contact for mail order.

The Cushion Warehouse - We manufacture a large range of luxury cushion pads including those stuffed with British wool.

Woolsoft - 100% British wool filled insert pads for cushions, floor cushions, dog beds etc. List of products ever increasing as long as it involves British Wool!


Blackhouse - Harris Tweed furniture.

Solid Wool  Chair.  "Seeking to find a new way to work with wool, we have created this new material. Unique, strong and beautiful, we have called it Solidwool."

Tetrad  Harris Tweed Collection


Ackroyd and Dawson Somerset Wool String.  100% wool string made from British Wool, can be used indoors or out. It is almost all nitrogen so when it decomposes in your garden it will feed it!

Chimney Sheep - Chimney Sheep is a draught excluder for chimneys made of felted Herdwick wool. It is pushed into the narrow part of the chimney when the fire is out.  Sizes & shapes to fit different chimmeys.  Simple to use.

Crookabeck Herdwicks  Dog leads made from Herdwick wool

Dalefoot Composts  Peat free wool composts.  "Potash rich bracken forms the base for all our composts. We blend herdwick Sheep's wool into all our Wool Composts for improved water retention and slow release nitrogen.  We only use 100% natural ingredients from the fells surrounding our farm in the Lake District."

Griffin Nuumed Equestrian  NuuMed wool numnahs and saddlepads.  "Griffin NuuMed use only British Wool, a natural fibre which is soft, cool and strong. Whilst it is robust and resilient, it is also comfortable and practical."

Sheep Wool Insulation  Sheep Wool Insulation produces a range of high performing, safe & eco friendly insulation products from natural sheep's wool.

Solid Wool  Other products made from Solidwool.  "Seeking to find a new way to work with wool, we have created this new material. Unique, strong and beautiful, we have called it Solidwool."

Thermafleece - "Wool is the ideal natural fibre to use for thermal insulation. It’s efficient, sustainable, safe, durable and affordable. No wonder we use wool to create THERMAFLEECE, one of the most sustainable and best-performing ranges of insulation available today."

Twool - Natural, versatile twine made in Devon from the 'lustre' long wool of the rare breed Whiteface Dartmoor sheep.  Dyed & undyed.

Woolcool - "Sheep’s wool is a sustainable and highly effective natural insulation material which we have used to design and develop Woolcool eco-friendly packaging products and packaging solutions, offering impressive performance and cost benefits.  Rigorous testing to industry standards in our own environmental chambers supported by independent trials consistently proves that Woolcool insulated packaging will keep contents at required constant temperatures for longer than conventional packaging."

Woolly Shepherd - "We source low value wool locally and make it into beautiful, practical items for your home, person and business.
From Acoustic Clouds and felted boot liners, to insulated packaging, wine coolers, cushion stuffing, and kindle or mobile phone covers, our range is inspired by the fundamental qualities of wool."