Wool-Only Flocks

This page is designed to assist anyone wanting to buy fleece, yarn & other wool products from those flocks of sheep in the UK that are kept solely to supply wool, or that are 'pet' flocks, rescue flocks or flocks preserving our rare or minority breeds, where wool is the only product they supply.  Sheep that are in these flocks are only producing wool and not meat.

This is a new page, started in 2016. 

Please note that the introduction of this page at short notice means some of the websites linked have not had a chance to update their content to fully explain their ethos & farming practice.  Those that are listed here are well known to myself and other Woolsack supporters as Wool-Only flocks, but we will endeavour to get the appropriate information available as soon as reasonably practicable.  Not all the farms, smallholdings or sanctuaries listed will be able to change their website or other on-line content at short notice.

For detailed information about the management of any particular flock you should use the links provided with each listing.  I've included social media links.

Please also note that there may well be other British flocks listed on Woolsack that would qualify for inclusion on this page but they have not yet been identified as such. 

This list should be regarded as a source of information only and not recommendations by anyone involved with Woolsack.


Doulton Flock    Border Leicester yarn from the Doulton Flock in DK and 4ply in natural undyed cream, and dyed. 

Home Farm Wensleydales  Beautifully soft, rounded (3 strands) Wensleydale and Bluefaced Leicester pure worsted knitting yarn.  Natural undyed and dyed.  DK & 'big wool'

Hooligan Yarns  Yarns from individual named sheep in a flock of Gotland, Gotland crosses & other rescued breeds.

Izzy Lane  Clothing collection that includes fabrics & knitwear from the Izzy Lane flock of Shetland & Wensleydale sheep.

The Living Rug Company  See also facebook group & instagram "Felted fleece rugs, cushions, throws and yarn all made by my own Flock. All my products are suitable for vegetarians and are approved by the Vegetarian Society." Gotland yarn, chunky.

Woolcraft with Wensleydale  "We produce our sheep as close to organic standards as is possible using natural remedies and with minimal intervention only when necessary. They graze on bio-diverse meadows of species rich grasses and flowers. Our flock is supplemented with herbs, omegas, seaweed meal, minerals and garlic." Wensleydale  Knitting yarn, fleece, spinning fibre & locks and also other goods on request.