Comments from Makers

Below are some of the comments and feedback we've received from people who have made cushions or been involved with the project in some way. (Where the comment has come in a personal email rather than being posted on public social media I've just given the first name)

Proud to have been part of this project. Great idea for legacy. I'm treating myself to a kit from Jameson and Smith now. High time I knitted something for me! Well done Jane and Sue, gold medals all round.
Barbara Parkin
Feeling sad it's all over.
Patricia Bishop
Fantastic job to everyone involved, especially those who did the non-knitting bits to organise everything! So glad I was able to get involved in such a lovely project . Thank you
Alison Bond
One of the South African competitors I met yesterday got a Bronze Medal this morning – Woolsack does make it personal, doesn’t it!
Irene Watson

I really enjoyed making my 2 cushions and felt in some small way part of the olympic efforts you all put in. If I had not been so engrossed in C&G Textiles I would have been encouraging friends to participate in knitting. I have been much more interested in the olympics than I thought I would have been - because of the knitting so Thank you.
Congratulations, Jane.  Woolsack has done a wonderful thing! Thank you for all your work.
I think it's a great idea to keep on with the website and promote British Wool - I am truly committed to this enterprise and try to use British wool in my commissions wherever possible.  I look forward to using the website.
Well done!  You have done an amazing job on our behalf, despite the initial setbacks.  We are all so proud of you for having stuck with it and having such enormous success.
To everybody involved,  Just to say that I think the Cushions have been a wonderful exercise and a great demonstration of all that we have to offer in British wool and British craftspersonship (Is that a word??)  Congratulations to you all
Fabulous!  I am so impressed by all the hardwork, dedication and enthusiasm that went into this.
This has been an inspirational project for those of us who were occasional participants and makers!
Just wanted to say what a brilliant job you are doing, we sent off our cushions not sure whether they would reach their destinations and we were so excited to have located many of them and actually know who the athletes are that received them. This has been an amazing challenge for you all, well done and thank you.
For me personally, I'm so thankful for the wonderful new friends I've made through Woolsack and for the opportunity to be a part of the team from here in the outer depths of the far side of the Lake District. Without Woolsack, I wouldn't have felt involved at all in the Games, instead of which I have watched every moment of coverage I could while thinking "I wonder if they've got cushions......?"
Wow it’s amazing – what an achievement – so many people, so much creativity.
I for one would never have been as interested in the Olympics without Woolsack.
It’s been a wonderful demonstration of how small things can add up and how they can overcome obstacles and bureaucracy.
As a disabled person being able to take part in the Olympics through my craft skills is fantastic.
I have enjoyed knitting this cushion and feel part of the 2012 Olympic celebrations.