Planning a Stuffing Event

If you'd like to organise a stuffing event for your group of knitters, or for cushion makers in your town or locality, then please contact Woolsack to discuss this.

There is some general information below about planning a stuffing event.

This link takes you to more detailed information and the Press Pack

The stuffing for all the cushions must be the same commercially produced stuffing (this is to ensure consistency in the standard and to enable all cushions to enter every country around the world), but it will be provided free to you for your event.

Normally there should be at least 20 cushions expected in order for a stuffing event to take place.

We've found that most people want to stuff their own cushions, so your arrangements should focus on providing for this to happen, with less need for volunteers to stuff cushions they have not made themselves.

We can provide you with the free stuffing and the Woolsack fabric labels and you can download from this website flyers and posters.  The link above takes you to the 'press pack' for you to download that will help you publicise your stuffing event.  This will allow you to publicise your event in advance so that people living in your area can bring their cushion(s) to stuff, and also to get some publicity for the actual event.

To help you decide if you would be able to hold a successful stuffing event, you may find it helpful to read the list below.

Needed for stuffing stations

For a basic stuffing station we suggest an overall minimum area of around 3-4 square metres (equivalent to a king-size bed) will be needed (people and chairs take up quite a bit of space) plus the following:

Outdoor events

-          If not part of a larger stand, a gazebo or tent will be needed – people will not want to sit out in the rain and the cushions need to be kept dry and clean
-          one standard show-style trestle table or a folding decorators table – but a smaller picnic table would be fine – it’s just to put a cushion on display, with some stuffing and yarn/needles/scissors, etc.  A sheet or table cloth to cover the table will look nice, and at large shows and events it's useful to have the 'hidden' area under the table to store bags and personal items.
-          2-4 standard show-style or picnic chairs to sit on while sewing
-          Space for a sack of stuffing (approx 70cm square – a square metre is ample)
-          Space to stack a pile of cushions – or a big basket or old trunk or similar – a large cardboard box covered with wool fabric or an oil drum cut in half and draped with a throw would also work fine – you need something to be able to photograph for the press!
-          Camera!!!  It is good to take pictures of people holding their completed cushions.  Also the stack of cushions can be photographed.  We would like to have lots of photographs of cushions and their makers for the Woolsack website and the Woolsack blog on the Inspire website.
-          White, fawn, grey, brown and black wool yarn, tapestry needles and scissors as spares.  Sewing thread and needles to stitch in the fabric label.
-          Scales are quite helpful to weigh out 300g of stuffing per cushion, though this is relatively easy to gauge – good idea to weigh out a few in advance and keep one as a sample if you cannot bring scales with you – ordinary kitchen ones will do as this does not have to be exact
-          Info sheets/fliers, printed cushion patterns (if feeling rich enough to print – otherwise people can download using the web address on the flier), pens, pencils, gift cards, sew-in labels (these are on order at present – but can be added to cushions later), pens, pencils, paper, clipboard with paper so people can fill in contact information if they wish
-          Rubbish bag
-          Some laminated display material on the show stand to help people find you – you can use the material here or get a higher definition logo from us to make up your own larger (ours are A4 but would blow up to A3 easily) – we can also give you pictures of cushions already stuffed if you would like – if part of a larger stand this can be on the stand but if in a stand-alone gazebo or tent you will need something to hang this on
-          Optional: refreshments – you may wish to create a welcoming atmosphere with people bringing cakes and biscuits to share and also if you have access to power a tea urn might be welcome

If you are indoors, then the same applies but no tent needed!


Advertising your event and involving the local media

The Resources to Print section of the website has posters and flyers you can download to print.  There will be copies of these available with the Inspire logo on them - please contact us if you'd like to use these.

Don't forget to contact your local newspaper, radio, tv and tell them about what you're doing.  The press pack will help you do this.  The information on the A5 flyer is a good brief summary of the project, but you'll want to explain why the project is important to your group and area.  We will be trying as much as possible to link groups and stuffing events to the athletes training and competing in your local region to make Woolsack more personal for both makers and recipients.