British Wool Weekend

British Wool Weekend  3 - 4 September 2011.

Hall 2, Yorkshire Event Centre, The Great Yorkshire Showground, Harrogate, HG2 8PW

After Woolfish was so busy I was fully prepared for British Wool Weekend and thanks to a wonderful team of volunteers the weekend was fantastic.  It was lovely meeting so many people in a hall filled with wool, sheep, alpacas and so much wool and fibre.  There isn't going to be any shortage of stuffing events in the Yorkshire area next year with all sorts of groups wanting to get involved.  The first cushions hand knitted by a school knitting group came to be stuffed - that was a very special occasion.

It was great to meet Steve and Pat who designed the 4 cushions showing the National Emblems of Britain and Ireland.  They brought along some lovely photographs of the cushions for us to display.  We also saw a beautiful cushions in Tunisian Crochet that had the 4 emblems on it.