Woolfish Wool and Craft Festival

WOOLFISH Wool and Craft Festival, Coldstream,  5 November 2011

Our first Stuffing Event to be tweeted!

It was a lovely day and great to meet so many people who had heard about Woolsack at the August event in Coldstream and came back to tell us what they or their groups were planning or had already started.  There will be plenty of stuffing events in the Borders area of the country next spring.

Also lots of people took the new Woolsack poster with the London 2012 Inspire logo on it (see home page of the website) to put up in libraries, village halls, community centres and council/public buildings.

Philippa brought along a lovely crocheted cushion.  She'd used a traditional 'open' stitch but had used an old wool blanket as a wool lining to prevent the stuffing coming through the crochet.


Lorna had knitted two cushions of her own design - a sailing boat (I wonder if that cushion will end up with one of the athletes competing in the sailing events) and a delightful hedgehog - one of our most loved UK native mammals.