Lists of sources & stockists of British wool yarn, fabric, fibre for spinning & felting, fleece (incl raw fleece), fashion garments, accessories and textiles for the home.

Please see list on left hand side for the different categories of British wool products.

British Wool is the term Woolsack is using to refer to wool from British sheep, both breed-specific wool and wool blended from different breeds.  Wool and fibre from the Falkland Islands, a British Overseas Territory, is also regarded as British Wool.  Fibre from other animals including Alpaca, Angora, Llama, Mohair and Camel are also included as long as the fibre is sourced from within the UK.

Please note that some spinning mills within the UK use wool sourced from outside the UK, so you may wish to check with the mill if the yarn you are considering is made with British Wool.

The British Wool Marketing Board does have 2 marks that you may have seen on some wool.  The traditional blue Shepherds Crook Mark can be used by companies that are licensed with the BWMB. In 2010 the BWMB introduced the Platinum Logo as well. This signifies that a product is made of 100% British wool that has been purchased through BWMB wool auctions and with traceablilty through all processing. 

BWMB logos

Stockists on the lists that have the Platinum mark are designated by P after their name (stockists - if you have the mark and I've not spotted it and added your P, please let me know)

Please be aware though that for small producers and processers of British wool it may not be financially feasible for them to apply for one of the BWMB marks, and 100% British wool fleeces that don't go through the BWMB auctions won't be eligible for the Platinum mark.  Both marks are really helpful in sourcing British wool products, but there is also a lot of British wool that does not have either mark for the above reasons.

If you know of any sources or stockists of any British wool products that aren't listed on these pages, then please inform me through this website, the Facebook group, Twitter or the Woolsack group on Ravelry so I can add them to the alphabetical lists

I will check the links and listings periodically but it will be really helpful if you could let me know if your url or what you stock changes so I can keep the lists up to date.


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Remember that yarn weights, specifications, gauges, colours and qualities are variable because wool is a natural fibre and colour photography is not always consistent on websites and computer displays.

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