Plymstock School, Plymouth

Suzanne Sanders from Plymstock School, Plymouth organised the school participating in Woolsack.  We were very pleased that they were able to receive some of the donated yarn from Penny Webb.  Although the yarn was undyed, so was only in 4 colours from the different breeds of sheep, the knitters designed some wonderful, creative cushions that were obviously able to be knitted by beginners as well as more experienced knitters.

This is a summary from Suzanne:

Staff from Teaching Assistants, finance dept, Administration, Technicians, Students, Heads of Departments and Teachers have all contributed to the Olympic knitting event .

Receiving our yarn the week prior to half term enabled us all to spend the holiday time knitting! .

Our target was to make 8 cushions during that week, we actually achieved 13 with Mrs Deacon, TA  “single-handedly” knitting more than 4 of these. The students not only learned new skills but also learned to persevere in order to achieve- just like the athletes.

A great team event enjoyed by us all.

Thank you for organising it.

Here are the lovely photographs that Suzanne sent us.

Year 10 Group

Design & Technology Staff

Ladies Circle

Year 11 Knitting

K Adamson (left) and Staff (right)

Mrs Deacon